Tuesday, June 2, 2009

They Don't Make It Easy

I had to jump through hoops today to cancel my TV License. I had called a month ago but you can only cancel the license 10 days in advance. Now here is where it really gets interesting. In order to process a refund they will mail you a form it takes 10-14 days to receive the form - hmm this means that you will likely be gone by the time the form arrives. No worries there is a form on-line to download. There is a full page of instructions which list the supporting documentation that is needed. In addition to the original TV license you need to provide proof that you are leaving the property in the form of a final utility bill, plane ticket, letter from a solicitor, proof of sale, etc. I printed out my e-ticket and TV license, filled out the form and realized the one thing that was missing from instructions is the address where to mail the refund. To get this I had to go back on-line and look-up the address. Why would this not be included in the instructions or on the form, everything else was there. I'm really going to miss this British bureaucracy.

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