Thursday, August 6, 2015

On This Day

6 years ago today I was getting settled in my condo in Seattle after moving back to the US from London.

3 years ago today Dave and I were saying goodbye to the last of our family and friends that had traveled to Seattle to celebrate our wedding.

25 months ago today Dave and I arrived in Colorado, after a long road trip from Seattle.  We knew when we left Seattle we would be starting the adoption process shortly.

1 year ago today I was in the Emergency Room in  NYC after I had an anxiety attack that I thought was a heart attack.

10 months ago today we drove up a long and windy road to pick junior up from his foster family and move him in with us.

Today after 1,268 days in foster care junior is officially adopted!  This hasn't been the easiest or shortest journey but together we have reached this point.   I am not sure whether to call this the beginning or the end or just another stop along the way.

For privacy reasons I will continue to refer to him as Jr here.

  I was touched when after many discussions about his middle name he decided he wanted to have the same name as my father.  To me his name represents his birth mom, my family and Dave's family.