Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Six Months In

Yesterday marked the six month mark   Crazy how quickly time flew by.  The last 6 months have been filled with laughter, tears and frustration.   It was while we were meeting with our family counselor that I realized the milestone.  During the session our therapist was telling us how far junior has come and that he seems to be doing really well.  Some days I feel like we are on the right track while other days I wonder how I am going to get through the day.   Being told to keep doing what we are doing as it is working was so gratifying to hear.  

This morning I then came across this article on Huffington Post  that really resonated with me and I wanted to share it with you.   Each adoption journey is different but there are definitely some similarities with all stories.   We have to learn to learn as we go  and try and do what we think is best for junior to feel more like part of our family.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Funny How Things Happen

On Easter two years ago Dave decided to travel to Denver to spend the weekend skiing with his family.  I stayed in Seattle and co-hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for about 20 adults.   Fast forward two years and we are now living in Denver and will be hosting an Easter Egg hunt for our son and his cousins.

I don't think either of us thought that weekend would result in our moving to Colorado but it somehow did.   We started talking about how it would be nice for our future child to live near family, looking at where we had family Denver seemed like a logical choice.   Little did we know how quickly things would fall into place.   We figured it would take a year or so for Dave to find the right position as there was really only 1 hospital he could go to work for.   As luck would have it, the position he wanted had just been posted.   Two months later we packed up and left Seattle for Denver.

If we hadn't moved we would have junior.  Would we have a child today through foster to adopt - who knows?  But I do know that if we did it would be junior.   That fateful Easter two years ago started the wheels turning to end up where we are today and I am incredibly thankful for that.  Sitting in the back yard watching Dave throw the football around with junior while Paddy chews sticks seems pretty perfect to me.