Monday, August 7, 2017

To my son 2 years later

Two years ago, you officially became my son, but you were my son months before that. These last two years have thrown a lot of curve balls our way but as a family we have conquered them. Last year around this time dad and I made the decision to enroll you in a private school. We were worried and scared as what this change would mean. It turned out to be a very good decision.

You have thrived this year. You feel safe and are becoming your true self. You've learned to express your emotions with words instead of with actions. Your artistic abilities have blossomed, it amazes me to see this creative side of you emerge. Your ability to watch a video or look at a picture and replicate it, is a skill I wish I had.

This year we also were given the gift of re-connecting with your first foster family. See pictures of you and hearing stories of your time with them has helped us help you. Some of the stories you have told us became clearer and seeing your face light up as you see pictures and remember the happy times with them. I will forever be thankful for them opening up and sharing their memories with us.

You make me laugh on a daily basis. I feel a little bad that you are learning the fine art of sarcasm from us, but it makes me and others laugh. We just need to teach you the right time and place for it.

You have a thirst for knowledge and are always asking questions. Sometimes we don't have the answers to them, and sometimes you disagree with what you tell but you're learning to accept that things aren't always the way you want them to be.  You recently told me you no longer want to win because then you can't learn from your mistakes.

You have learned so much in the last two years and will continue to learn and grow. Last week you told me when you grow up you want to be a professional golfer, football player, baseball player, help kids in foster care, help animals, help the homeless, and build things. That's quite an ambitious list, I'm sure it will change over the years but  I look forward to watching you figure out who you want to be.