Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taking A Break

Taking a quick break today from the re-patriation related posts. I was checking out my Google Analytics account today - yes that's right I track all the readers of my blog and my photography site. Today I looked at the search terms that have taken people to my blog, in the past 30 days there have been 30 visits sent via 30 different keywords. While the keywords are different they do fall into some similar categories. The time that users have spent on the site has been next to nothing as most people probably realized that the information was not what they were looking for. Below are 10 categories/keywords that have landed people on my blog
  1. Landlord not responding
  2. Top 10 things in Copenhagen
  3. Adventures of Delvish
  4. Basheesh
  5. Custom Fees
  6. Expat Boston Blog
  7. Kangaroo pyramid / Kangaroo Tudy
  8. Sofas
  9. Expat problem
  10. Lease Renewal

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