Sunday, November 13, 2016

Interview of an 8 year old adoptee and his mom

For national adoption awareness I decided to interview junior.  We talked about what this would mean and that I would be sharing this on my blog.  I showed him that I don’t use his name or pictures on my blog and read him some of the blog posts.   He agreed to being interviewed if he could ask me questions as well.  

During the interview I asked him a question, then he asked me a question.  For the blog I have separated the interviews.  His answers to my questions are first followed by my answers to his questions.

What does it mean to be adopted?
Somebody takes care of you and you live with them forever.
It means a lot.   You can’t breathe, it’s super cool, it’s like the best thing that ever happens.   It’s super special.  One day you’re with a foster family and you open your eyes and you’re with another family that loves you very much.  

What are the 5 best things about you?
I’ve got a family that loves me very much.
I learn quickly.
I have good grades in class sometimes.
My teacher likes me.
Mom and dad care about me more than anything else. 

Why are some kids adopted?
So they can have their own family. 

How does it feel to be adopted?
Tiring.   You have to move from family to family and it’s sad.  It feels good but not exactly the way you want it to be.   I can’t see previous families.   It’s sad that I can’t see them. 

Why did we adopt you?
Because you guys wanted a son. 
You wanted the type of sun that keeps you warm on earth. (In case you didn't know he is learning the fine art of sarcasm and humor) 

How did you feel on your adoption day?
Happy.  Scared because I didn’t know if I really wanted to be adopted.  

What do you want to do when you grow up?
I want to start a company that helps kids that are in foster care. 

Do you ever think about your other families?
Sometimes.  But I mostly think about beer. 

Who’s your hero?
Police men, doctors and firemen.

Favorite thing about being part of this family?
Having people come over to our house getting to know your friends, having parties or spending time with family at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

According to Dave it’s because we all chose one another. 

What’s the hardest thing about being a kid?
That I don’t get my way.   Life is hard. 

Junior’s interview of me

What was it like to be adopted
I wasn’t adopted.  I can tell you what it was like for me to adopt you.  It was one of the happiest days of my life.   I was so happy you chose us and wanted to be a part of our family.  I was also worried about what your future would be like.   I will always worry about you.

What was it like to have me with you.
We were scared at first since we had never been parents before and didn’t know much about you.   But we do the best we can and we learn from our mistakes.

What is it like to have me as a son.
Every day is an adventure.  I never know what you’re going to do or what you’re going to say.   You amaze me in some way every day.   Some days you amaze me in good ways and some days you amaze in bad ways.    I love watching you learn and grow.

What’s it like to have more family, I wasn’t part of your family in the beginning.
It was an adjustment but we wanted a son and are figuring it out.  

Would you adopt a teenager
No we wanted to adopt a boy between the ages of 3 and 8.  
Jr:  But I’m 8 now, so it’s time for me to leave.   I’ll go pack my suitcase and grab some beer.  

How did you like to be teased by Tag (Tag was a cat I had 5 years ago, junior never knew him)
Tag didn’t tease me.  He liked me.

What was it like when Tag ran away – Was it painful were you happy.  You probably weren’t happy but Paddy and Koda were.
I was sad and worried.  We tried to catch him a number of times but he didn’t want to live with us anymore.

How hard was it to adopt me?
It was hard, we had to go to a lot of classes and talk to a lot of people before we could adopt you.   Even though it was hard I wouldn’t change it.