Monday, June 8, 2009

Bye Bye Belongings

It's surprising how many boxes your life can be reduced to ( or maybe it's how few). The movers came today and packed up everything I decided to take to Seattle. Shocking how quickly they work. They started at 8:30 and were done by noon. Only 1 minor problem but that was quickly resolved. When I checked out the kitchen I realized they had emptied a cupboard that they weren't supposed to. I had left all the cabinet doors open showing what needed to go and what was closed was supposed to stay. One cabinet accidentally got emptied. Luckily all the boxes are clearly marked and there were only 3 possible boxes the stuff could have been in. Yup you guessed it the third box had the stuff in it. The only reason I wanted the stuff is I was afraid what I would be charged to replace the items, in my mind they're worth about £5 in total if that - 3 year old heavily used Tupperware.

Not only was I moving today but so were my neighbors so my tiny little street had 2 big moving vans parked on it. I have never seen the parking police patrol my street but they were there today. I can only guess that somebody called to complain that they couldn't get around the corner.

Anyways you may have noticed that I didn't actually mention how many boxes were packed that's up to you - can you guess?


Amy said...

oh goody games. I think you had a total of 22 boxes. I hope you have a good time your last few days in England. I don't even live there and I'm feeling nostalgic already.

Or maybe it's just the martini.

Anonymous said...

The joy of moving. Don't know how big the moving van was and what you were taking.
I would guess you had about 30 boxes of various sizes.
It will be interesting to see how long you have towait for them to catch up with you in Seattle and how many do show up.
Enjoy your last few days in London


Anonymous said...

I guess 42.5 boxes. Don't work too hard your last few days. Talk to you soon. Love Mom