Friday, June 5, 2009

Next Week At This Time

Exactly one week from today I'll be sitting in the lounge at Heathrow preparing for my journey back across the pond. Last night I started going through the items remaining in my cupboard and fridge. It's amazing some of the food that just purely needed to be tossed - they've been sitting in my cupboard for 2 years, a few more items to clean out tonight.

Between now and next Friday there is still a bit of stuff I have to do but it isn't much.
  • This evening I will be packing as much as I can into my suitcases and prepare for the move to my friends for the final week.
  • I'm still hoping that Virgin sends me the bag to return the set-top box so far no luck.
  • Monday the movers come and package my belongings for the long trip to Seattle.
  • Pay the final bills.
  • Professionally clean the flat on Thursday.
  • I've also managed to take some time on Thursday to relax a bit and then have one last goodbye drinks and dinner with the guys from the office.

Tomorrow is the big goodbye BBQ, I am using the power of positive thought to make sure there is no rain tomorrow. The Q is happening rain or shine, I would just really like for it to shine.


Amy said...

You're down to the nitty gritty now. I didn't know you were moving in with friends for the last week. What prompted that? Hope the weather is good for the q.

Anonymous said...

hope the weather is good too and this week will fly by. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

The best laid plans and such.
Hope for good weather for the q - and hope for ease of moving to your friends place for the last week.
Guess it is the smart thing to do since you have packed and cleaned everything.