Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 4: Dress Shopping

Saturday was a big day, I went out in search of the perfect wedding dress.

As I was going dress shopping in Seattle I had to start the day at a local landmark.

Another Seattle landmark - destination the wedding quite.

I was offered a pair of spanx to use when trying on the dresses. I love that they come with a hole in the crotch. Is this to help you pee or for easy access?

Originally I thought I wanted something like this. While I liked the dress this wasn't the one.

$755 Manolo Blahnik pumps. I would break my neck in these heels, not to mention there is no way I am spending that kind of money on a pair of shoes.

I tried on a couple of Carmen Marc Valvo dresses for my mother. I was pretty sure going in that these weren't my style and putting them on solidified that.

This is it the perfect dress and head piece. Isn't it so me?

Just kidding I'm not posting a picture of the actual dress. That will have to wait until August.

Dress shopping sure works up a thirst and makes me hungry. A nice salad and glass of wine at the cafe to top off the afternoon.

Disclaimer: All pictures of me were taken by my friend Jill. All other photos were taken by me.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 3: Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs

You may know that I love taking pictures of signs. While in New York there were a number of signs some amused me, some puzzled me, and some were informative. Here are a few of them.

What are you supposed to do when it says walk and don't walk at the same time?

We had breakfast at the Stardust Diner with my aunt, uncle and cousin. A very fun place but not good if you want to actually have a conversation.

Dave & I had a lot of fun playing on the piano if only we had a spare $250K to take it home.

Subway sign. Always good to know where you are.

Loved the mixture of old style and new style license plates.

I think this is a sign that we're supposed to be together.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2: Celebration

There were lots of things to celebrate this week. Sunday is the 1 year anniversary of the adoption of Tag & Koda. I tried to commemorate the day by taking their pictures. Tag is cooperative:

Koda not so much. It was cute to see her playing she doesn't do this often but doesn't make for a good picture.

Later she was sitting on the bed and I though oh this is perfect. As soon as she saw the camera she ran.

I gave up but when looking at my pictures I noticed her sitting under a chair in a picture I took of Tag so I cropped the photo. Sorry Tag.

The weekend brought around more celebrations - a trip to New York City to celebrate my sisters 40th birthday.

The view from our hotel room

Wandering through time square a few weeks ago there were a lot of celebrations here for new years. Can you see the ball?

What birthday trip would be complete without a trip to a toy store. These Lego buildings were impressive. Some took over 500 hours to build and contain over 100,000 Lego pieces.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Week 1: Happy New Year

This year I'm switching the 52 week project up a bit. Instead of 1 photo I will post multiple photos from the week. Some weeks all photos will be taken at the same shoot others will be over multiple shoots. This week all photos are from my New Years Day stroll along Alki beach in West Seattle.

The light hitting the mountains was spectacular.

The clouds always make for an interesting skyline.

Further down the beach.

Turn around and this is the view.

Lady liberty. Next week I will visit her sister in NYC.

A spectacular sunset we had to stop the car to take more pictures.

The first moonrise of 2012.