Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dawn's Question Time

I've gotten a lot of questions about the move so I figured I would take some time to answer the questions.

When are you leaving?
Friday June 12th at 3:15 PM.

Are you happy to be going home and being closer to your family?
I'm not going home. Home is on the east coast. I'm going to Seattle, that's on the west coast. I am no closer to my family in Seattle than I was in London. Still a 6 or so hour plane ride. The time difference is a little different instead of being 5 hours ahead I'm 3 hours behind.

Are you taking any time off before you start?
No I'm crazy and start working Monday. I have a 2 day training and will be in the office on Wednesday morning. I will have the weekend to get adjust to Pacific time. I'll probably take some time off over the summer just don't know when.

Do you have a place to stay in Seattle?
I have a temporary place lined up for 30-90 days. I am hoping to be in my own place by mid-August - yes this is quick but there's no need to drag things out.

I received 1 question after I posted the quiz on Monday asking what size the boxes - luckily I took a picture - I didn't measure them.

See left.

And the answer to the question you all want to know - the answer from the quiz on Monday. How many boxes were my belongings packed into?

33 - Dad was the closest with his guess of 30 congratulations you get to help me unpack them - HAHAHAHAHA

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Anonymous said...

As long as you can wait until November or December to unpack there will be no problem.

Hope your last few days across the pond are enjoyable.