Monday, June 24, 2013

One of These Days I'll Settle Down

Turns out I have itchy feet.  After only 4 years in Seattle I am on the move yet again.   It happened quickly but Dave & I decided to move to Denver.     I've moved long distance before but somehow this seems more complicated than my previous moves.   I guess that's what happens when you get a cat, a dog and oh yeah a husband.

We decided to try and enjoy our drive to Colorado so we are making 3 stops along the way.  This also meant trying to find a way to get the animals there.  The idea of hearing Paddy and Koda sing for 20 hours did not sound appealing.  They fly down a week from today, we start on our great road trip on July 3rd.  

Things have been a whirlwind lately trying to get ready for everything.  Here's what I did this weekend:

It may not look like much but that's about 20 or so boxes packed.  There was lots of purging, donating and selling of items as well.

Here's what Dave did this weekend:

That's a picture from the O.A.R. concert at Red Rock.  I think I drew the short straw here.