Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Birthmother's Day

The day before Mother's Day is not a nationally recognized holiday but it is a day that adoptive families celebrate as Birthmother's Day.   It is a special day to honor and remember the mom's who chose to make an adoption plan for their child or those who had right's terminated by the courts.

Junior's birthmom will always have a place in our family even though we have no contact with her and she has no idea who we are.   She is incredibly important to him and we try and reinforce this whenever he mentions her and let him know how lucky he is to have two moms who love him.

Last week we told junior we wanted to do something special for his birthmom on Saturday and gave him a couple of options.  Today he decided he wanted to buy a balloon for her and attach a picture to it.  He drew a picture and we went to pick out a balloon for his birth mom.  

We then went outside, he hugged the balloon and attempted to let it go.   Sadly with the rain, the cold air and the weight of the picture the balloon did not want to go.   We tried multiple times and laughed as it refused to float away.  I honestly think this helped as it added a bit of humor to the situation when he was feeling rather sad.  The balloon came inside with us and still wouldn't float, after about 5 minutes we noticed it had floated to the ceiling so junior decided to try one more time.

This time the balloon floated away!   Junior was thrilled,watching him jump up and down made my heart melt.  I wonder if we hadn't had the mishaps earlier if the balloon floating away would have ended in tears instead of laughter.   I plan on putting the pictures taken today in an album and adding to it each year for him as a way to remember and honor his birth mom.  If at some point down the road he reconnects with her he can share this with her.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Ridiculous reasons I am looking forward to finalization

I am not so secretly hoping that next week when we meet with our team we can set a date for finalization.  There are many reasons why finalization is going to be great, here are some of the petty ridiculous ones.

  1. Reduction in paperwork.
  2. Being able to share pictures on social media of our family.
  3. Junior can go on sleepovers.
  4. No longer needing to get permission to travel.
  5. Not being called Mrs. Junior's last name.