Monday, September 26, 2011

Weeks 35-37 Happy Birthday to Me

I'm a little behind on my blog posts. That's because I've been busy celebrating my birthday this month. I decided instead of only having a single day or a birthday week I was going to celebrate all month. If I was going to celebrate all month it couldn't just be in Seattle there had to be multiple cities and not just cities but countries.

Week 35: A Room With a View

I kicked off the birthday celebrations with a weekend trip to Puerto Vallarta with my friend Helen. A few days at the beach, a few drinks (ok maybe more than a few), and some sleep. This is a view from the balcony at our resort.

Camera: Canon 7D
Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Week 36: Soaring

We spent a day sailing in Puerto Vallarta saw dolphins, birds and I swam with the fishies.

Camera: Canon 7D

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Week 37: Lobstah Roll

After Mexico the next logical stop for me was Boston. It has been years since I celebrated in Boston. When I first moved to Boston my first birthday dinner was at Legal Seafoods it seemed only fitting to have my Boston birthday celebration at the new Legal's Harborside. It was great to catch up with friends from both Boston and London and of course enjoy a lobster roll.

Camera: Android

Location: Boston, MA