Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 34: Musical Sunset

Wednesday evening I went to the Brandi Carlile concert at the zoo. It was a great show and an amazing sunset occurred during the encore which made it even better. As the sun was going down Brandi Carlile was singing Johnny Cash, maybe I should have shot video instead of a photo so you could hear the soundtrack to this beautiful sunset.

Camera: Android

Location: Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 33: Triday

I just love getting up at 5 AM on a Sunday followed by strenuous exercise. Today was the triathlon I've been training for. This year I decided to do a longer distance tri but still a sprint the total distances were 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and a 5K run. That's a lot of exercise for early in the morning. The weather was perfect today about 60 degrees the water was about the same temperature so it wasn't all that cold. I always find the biggest challenge of the swim dealing with all the other swimmers. I've gotten much better at getting around people and getting my own space. Overall I was very pleased with my times, I actually did much better than I thought I would. I was expecting to be a little over 2 hours I had assumed 20-25 minutes for the swim, 55-60 minutes for the bike and 45 minutes for the run plus time for transition. I was quite surprised when I ended in under 2 hours. Here are all the pertinent stats:

Clock time: 1:53:28
Overall place: 976/2036
Division place: 120/207
Swim: 19:00
Swim rank: 444
Transition 1: 6:59
Bike: 45:53
Bike rank: 799
MPH: 15.6
Transition 2: 2:22
Run rank: 1455
Run: 39:12
Pace 12:38

And now onto the picture. This is what I treated myself to after the race. My body was so sore and was in need of grease and sugar. Dork burger (duck and pork), banana cream ice cream sundae and sweet potato fries.

That concludes all of the photos that I took today. But I'm sure some of you are interested in seeing pictures of the race so now onto some of the photos that Dave took of me.

Wondering if I still have time to change my mind here.

I'm somewhere in the water can you spot me. I'm not sure where I am so if you can spot me you're better than I am.

Returning from a nice ride across I-90

The end is in sight.

Thankfully I didn't actually need the first aid tent.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 32: Gasworks

One of my goals of this 52 week project was to get over to gasworks park to take some photos. I've been there a couple of times but never have taken my camera. This week provided me just the opportunity I needed, a friend from the UK office was over and wanted to go on a photo stroll. Luckily the weather co-operated for us.

I really wanted to make this my photo of the week as I do love signs but I resisted.

Oh wait no I didn't I just posted it.

For additional photos from gasworks see my photostream

Location: Seattle
Camera: Canon 7D

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 31 Stuck in the Middle

I dedicate this blog post to my sisters Amy & Melissa. While we have had our shares of fights and drama it always works out in the end. I consider myself very lucky to be your middle sister. I would like to say I will save this wine until we are all together to drink it but who knows when that will be so instead just know that I will be thinking of you as I drink this.