Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 47: Thanksgiving

I am hosting my second Thanksgiving in Seattle in a few hours. What started out as a meal for about 12 has grown to 20 people over the last few days. I think there is plenty of food and if not I'll make PB & J sandwiches. This is what the place looks like now. In a little while it will be filled with friends and food.

I have a lot to be thankful for below is just a small sampling of what I am thankful for this year.

My Family. I love the fact that my sisters and I get along so well. I have an amazing niece and nephew. I wish didn't live so far away from them but it just makes the time that we spend together all the better.

This guy. He has definitely been a nice addition to the year. Funny how things happen when you least expect it.

Friends. I have an incredible set of friends that span the globe. Some I only see once a year some fewer than that but I know I can count on them if I need anything.

Monsters. They're both staring at me as I write this. I'm not sure they are very thankful at the moment they still are getting used to the big yellow beast.

The big yellow beast. Even though she torments the cats I think I will let her stay.

A job that enables me to travel. Hard to believe I've been with the company for 6 years and I still enjoy going to work every day. The travel I do for work earns me frequent flier miles and hotel points that I then use for me, my friends and my family.

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 46: Introducing P-Doggy

Earlier this month a big yellow beast and her owner moved into the condo. The monsters have been slowly getting adjusted to the big yellow beast. There has been a great deal of progress and Tag has been feeling rather adventurous this week and spending more and more time around the beast. I would like to take this opportunity to introducing my readership to P-Doggy AKA "the big yellow beast" or "Paddy."

Camera: Canon 7D
Location: Seattle

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 45: Ours Goes to 11

On Friday 11/11/11 I had the honor of attending the wedding of my friends Clint & Leigh. I also had the honor of photographing the wedding. I don't normally photograph people and I've never photographed a wedding so I was very worried. The ceremony was great and I was happy to be a part of their day. I am thankful that some of the shots I took came out well. I will post more after I have a chance to show them to the bride and groom.

Camera: Canon 7D

Location: San Marcos, CA

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 44: Battle Time

Sunday was an important day in Football the New England Patriots faced the Pittsburgh Steelers. Normally this game means nothing to me, what changed it this year is Dave is a die hard Steelers fan and he really dislikes the Patriots. The intense dislike comes from the fact that the Patriots typically beat the Steelers. I wanted to wager on the game but Dave was too afraid to place an actual bet as he wasn't 100% confident the Steelers would win. Also we could not agree on terms. In the end it is probably better that the Steelers won as Dave would have been miserable if they had lost and I really didn't care. After all it's only a game.

Location: Seattle, WA

Camera: Android

Week 43: What a View

If you're not already jealous of me you will be now. This is the view I have from my cube. I know poor me having to look out over the Space Needle every day.

Location: Seattle, WA

Camera: Android

Week 42: Bye Bye Viaduct

For those of you that know Seattle may be familiar with the viaduct. A double decker road through town. There is currently a large construction project under way to tear down the viaduct and replace it with a tunnel. On October 22 the viaduct was closed and pedestrian traffic was allowed on the bridge. I was very excited at the opportunity to walk the bridge. I was prepared for the worse in terms of crowds, having experienced the big dig in Boston and the crowds for the bridge and tunnel walks there. Luckily the weather was miserable on Saturday and there were not a lot of crowds. For more photos of the day click here

Location: Seattle

Camera: Canon 7D