Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Get What You Negotiate

Today I read an article that made me realize I did a really poor job of negotiating my relocation back to the US. The ex-boss of Vodafone received £500,000 to move him and his belongings from the UK back to the US, I'm getting slightly less than that. Some of you may think that there's a difference in our roles; he was running a company for 5 years, saw profits of over £10 billion, and made more than £8.1 million in his last year (Again I made slightly less than that).

Of course what I want to know is what is he moving that he needs £500K. With my package I'm managing:
  • To move all my belongings from the UK
  • To move all my belongings in storage
  • A first class flight from London to Seattle (OK so it was using miles but it still counts)
  • Rent for temporary accommodation while I find a permanent place

Isn't it something how the other half lives.

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Anonymous said...

Just thought I would let you know I am enjoying hearing about your relocation activities. Love MOm