Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone

The weekend flew by and it's hard to believe it's Wednesday. I guess that's what happens when ever minute of the 3 day weekend was pretty packed with cleaning and preparing for the move. The flat doesn't look like my place anymore. Most of the pictures have come down from the walls, all the furniture has been rearranged as it all had to be returned to the rooms it was in when I moved-in, and lots of stuff has been removed. I've given loads of stuff to charity and just thrown some things out. It's a great feeling to clean out.

In between all the cleaning out I managed to finally secure temporary accommodation in Seattle. I will be staying at Prospect Suites which is in the area I am looking for a permanent home. Hopefully I can find a permanent place relatively quickly.

In the midst of all this I did manage to have a bit of fun on Monday. I went with some friends to Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire for the annual cheese-rolling competition. People do the craziest things, of course there were people in costumes and one guy wearing nothing but a thong. The hill is incredibly sleep and I'm sure that there are numerous injuries every year. At first we headed to the top but it was so packed and difficult to stand on the edge of a steep hill that we decided to head to the bottom instead. It was definitely an experience.

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