Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cleaning Out

Even though I was suffering from jet lag over the weekend I managed to get quite a bit accomplished for the move. I am mostly working on organizing what I am taking, what is going to charity, what is rubbish and what I can sell. A rule was implemented that if I haven't used or worn something since the move I am not moving it back with me. I have however made a few exceptions to this rule - hey it's my rule I'm allowed to make changes to it. I haven't used my pizza stone but that's because I couldn't find proper pizza dough and I am looking forward to making pizza again.

I spent a great deal of Sunday putting the office back to a second bedroom. I had taken the bed out to create more room and set up an office, now the desk is unassembled and the bed frame is reassembled, I still need to move the mattress but that will be done next weekend when I have some assistance.

I accumulated a list of things to sell, mostly the electronics and furniture I've purchased. Sunday evening I sent out an email to work and was instantly bombarded with requests. I guess I priced some of the electronics very reasonably. Within a matter of minutes I had requests for the TV, home theatre system and stereo. Still working on the furniture bit but that may be taken care of as well.

Still so much to do, luckily a three day weekend is here and I can power through it all.


Anonymous said...

Everything appears to be going well in planning your move - it is great when people want the stuff you are not taking back and such.

Remember When everything is going well - something will totally screw up the smoothness. ( kind of like murphy's law)

Also, as soon as you dispose of something you will have a driving need for it in about two or three days. ;>)


Amy said...

You know people have been known to make pizza dough. I've heard it's very easy. Glad to hear you're moving all the merchandise.