Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eerie Coincidence or Not

Last week I got an email from United Airlines offering me 4 upgrades for flights within the US. If I wasn't in the process of moving back to the US this wouldn't be any help to me, but since I'm moving I might actually be able to use these. Now my question is how did UAL know that I was moving back? I haven't updated my address yet and my one-way flight to the US is booked on British Airways. Hmm maybe there are spies out there watching me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you of the Conspiracy Theorists.

You have flown on that airline in the past and used your e-mail. They are looking for business and checked to see who has not used their wonderful services in a while and they sent out the e-mail. Anything to drum up business!! I will check my e-mail and see if they were that interested in me - I doubt it.

Am enjoying two days off in a row - Patricia wanted more hours so I gave her my Friday hours. Life is grand at the moment.