Friday, May 29, 2009

And Then There Were 2

My final rent payment was made today and the checkout of the flat has been scheduled for June 12th right before I fly out. I'm very glad that is all sorted. Most of my bills and services at the flat have been cancelled. I did have a bit of an interesting conversation with Virgin Media. I called to cancel the services in mid-May as they required 30 days and was told that I would be notified when they would come to collect the set-top box. I hadn't heard anything yet so I gave them a call the guy I got on the phone was absolutely no help. Here's a sample of how our conversation went

Me: I need to schedule a time for somebody to pick up the set top box
Virgin Agent: Please hold a minute (30 second pause) Your services end on the 16th we'll send somebody out after that.
Me: That's a problem as I'm leaving the country on the 12th. Can the pick up be arranged for a date prior to that.
Virgin Agent: Please hold (30 second pause). Yes somebody will contact you to schedule a time.
Me: That's what I was told when I first called to cancel the services I really need to get this schedule.
Virgin Agent: Please hold
Me: Wait is there somebody I can talk to directly instead of you continually putting me on hold as you can't answer my questions directly.
Virgin Agent: Sure hang up and I'll call you back in 5 minutes.

At this point the conversation ended and I did get a call back 5 minutes later and the agent had transferred me to somebody in the moving home department. What a relief to actually talk to somebody who could answer my questions. While Virgin says they need 30 days notice they can actually cancel services with less than 30 days so they are terminating the services at the flat on June 9th and refunding the money. They are actually sending me a post bag so I can mail the set top box back instead of waiting for somebody to come to the flat and pick it up, much more convenient.

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