Friday, May 22, 2009

T Minus 3

Wow it's been a busy week. I must be crazy to continue to work and try to move house all at the same time. The days are filled with meetings, the evenings are filled with cleaning. Luckily I think by the end of the day today I'll be mostly done clearing what I need to get rid of. All the furniture that I haven't managed to sell is being collected on June 1st. It's surprising how difficult it was to find a charity shop to take it. I stopped into 2 shops in Richmond neither could take furniture, 1 did give me a number though. 3 phone calls later I actually was in touch with a shop that would pick up from my house. Another item crossed off the list.

In other positive news. I stopped into the property management company yesterday to find out if I could be checked out when I leave instead of in July as I hadn't heard back. The hold up has actually been the landlord not responding and indicating what she wants done with the property when I leave. Thankfully the branch manager agreed that I can be checked out on June 12th so I am all sorted there.

This weekend will be filled with trips and delivery of a bookshelf. Fun, fun times.


Anonymous said...

you have been a busy girl. YOu are smart to sort through everything and bring back only what you really want. Talk to you soon. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

And after all the moving, packing and shifting to leave London. You will have to do the reverse when you get to Seattle.

I had to count thinking that you were wrong with 3 but when I checked the calendar Memorial Day is not at the end of the month so 3 it is.

I am so glad I have had Thursday and Friday off because most people were still thinking that Memorial Day is next week - so the panic will start earlier.


Amy said...

Did you manage to sell your electronics and stuff? Why are you having more stuff delivered? Questions, questions.