Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekend Festivities

Well my weekend visitor gets off the hook and doesn't have to help me unpack. I heard from the moving company today that my belongings have cleared custom and are ready for delivery on Tuesday of next week. Of course I am not available until Friday of next week but at least my stuff has arrived.

It was quite an adventure tracking my shipment down. There was a tracking mechanism on the web site but I didn't have the correct number to pull up my records. I was able to find the number of the agents in the UK and they informed me that my things had just cleared customs and could be delivered starting on Tuesday.

Next weekend will be spent unpacking. If there are any volunteers who want to spend a fun weekend unpacking boxes I'd be happy to accomodate your strange desire to unpack my junk.


Mom said...

You know how Mom's are they love to help, but unfortunately, I am unable to make it there this weekend. Have fun.

Heather said...

Dawny, I've finally caught up on reading...whew! I'd love to get the chance to help you unpack, but I'll be busy washing my hair. Seriously, all is well, busy but well. Mom made it back to AZ just fine and I'm still putting my house back together after her visit. I went to a weird Enya-esque new agey thing yesterday with chanting and vibrating bowls and color readings. WEIRD. Enjoy the week! -Heather