Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Boys in Blue

Within the last 2 days I have witnessed two events with police officers that made me chuckle - OK I didn't witness one of them more on that below.

Yesterday I was walking in Hounslow when a police officer spotted a couple of guys drinking beer while walking through town. The officer informed the gentleman that they were not allowed to drink in public. Well essentially he told them that they couldn't be seen drinking in public that they had to hide their beer in their jackets. This exchange happened right in front of the police station. I guess some laws aren't rigidly enforced or the officer was just lax in his duties.

The second event occurred this evening. When I arrived home with my mail was a little post-it note message from the metropolitan police. The letter wasn't for me, most likely from somebody that previously lived here. It read (Names and numbers have been removed to protect the innocent or guilt):

"Dear Mr X,
I'm a police officer from Richmond Police Station and came earlier to issue a summons for you to appear (sic) court. Please ring me on ... to let me know when to come round."

Now I don't know about you but if I got a note like this I would definitely ring them back immediately. I mean how exciting a summons to appear in court, maybe I'm not even guilty!


Melissa said...

Dawn your life in England is very amusing!!

mom said...

did you ring the police back and tell them that they don't live there anymore?