Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Recent Discoveries

1) Diet Coke - There are 2 versions of Diet Coke that you can buy here in the UK. Diet Coke is just like it is in the states however at some places they sell Coke Light. From what I gather this is the European version and it is way too sweet.

2) Washer/Dryers - While terribly convenient and space savers they do not seem very efficient. Given the small size of them you can only wash a few things at a time. That's not too much of a problem but one would think that with smaller loads it would take less time. The wash cycle took an hour and after an hour of drying larger items were still damp. I will most likely look into a clothes line to dry things the old fashioned way to save electricity.

3) Recycling - While I've been recycling for over 15 years in NY and MA, recycling in Richmond is a relatively new thing. The recycling scheme here is just being rolled out and there is limited amounts of what can be recycled. Items that can be recycled will be getting expanded over the next year. One thing that they offer which is unique is curbside food/compost recycling. Small green bins are available for your kitchen so you can discard food waste (no garbage disposals here) and larger bins are outside that get picked up weekly along with the regular rubbish pick up. While my cottage did have the composting containers I needed to send an email to the council for the bins. I was shocked that I got a response back less than an hour later informing me that the bins would be delivered to my house within 5 days.


Morgan said...

Yeah, well, I picked option 4. Yes I know that it wasn't available, but I put in my special request and...it didn't work...oh well.

Melissa said...

Morgan is about as good as Myra... :) Dont you love your family dawn... finds humor in well everything. I gave your blogs and pictures to Grandma and now I need to go hook up her web tv... or at least try... thanks...Cant believe it takes that long to wash that little. that stinks. hkodksnddcjdf (zoey saying "hi")Would you still have my dolphin pics on your computer. I looked at the disk that you burned for me and I dont have my pictures that I took. cofused!! Let me know. Thanks

Mom said...

You are not supposed to drink Coke in London - you must drink Tea.