Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Learning to Speak Differently

I constantly find myself thinking twice before speaking and sometimes it just doesn't come out right. At my interview for my National Insurance number today I was asked to confirm my date of birth. They gave me a funny look when I gave them the date. They then realized that I had given them the month first and then the date. When writing dates I typically remember to write the date first and then the month however when asked verbally to give my birthday the month came out first.

I have also had to learn:
1) To spell my surname differently - it's a Zed and not a Zee! I had a lunch on Sunday with a woman who has lived here all her life and learned the alphabet from Sesame Street. She thought they were joking when she arrived at school and told her it was Zed not Zee.
2) When given numbers if there are 2 or 3 of the same digit in a row such as 44 or 555 to say "double 4" or "triple 5."
3) Soccer is football. Even when watching England vs Spain tonight at the "local" I found myself calling it soccer. I do however remember to say "American Football" when referring to good ole gridiron.
4) Sweaters are jumpers.
5) Sneakers are trainers.

Some of these I knew previously but I still find myself reverting to what I know and when I get strange looks I quickly realise to correct myself. See when writing in the previous sentence I remembered to change "realize" to "realise."


Melissa said...

You better stop learning to speak a different language. You will come home and people look at you funny... wait they already do that. :) I guess you will learn to speak "proper" english!!

Mom said...

I guess you better dig out the dictionary of English terms that I gave you.
But if you do not have it hand check out this website:

Amy said...

There's bunches more too. Your new TV is a telly, gas is petrol, and if you had rented a car to get your groceries and tele, they would have gone in the boot. See I know English too.