Friday, February 16, 2007

It's finally here

In case you're not sure what I'm referring to my telly finally arrived today. This of course was after the fiasco earlier this week with the delivery service. I was told when I placed my order that I would be called to arrange delivery. I was quite surprised on Monday from the delivery agency. They were outside my house trying to deliver the television and were quite upset that I wasn't at home. When I informed them that I was in Germany and was not able to come home later in the day to receive the item they hung up on me!

After a quick call to the company I ordered the TV from they took care of everything and arranged delivery today. It's only been 3 weeks that I've been without any television. Luckily the Internet has provided me all the news I need to know.

New feature to the blog - I will be tracking the number of flights I have taken this year

As of 15 February 2007 I have taken 16 flights.


mom said...

Now you have a TV. What are you going to watch first? Where did you put it and what was the final vote on furniture placement? Talk to you soon from your snowy home town. Love MOM

Andy & Tony said...

Have been following your Blog and am enjoying it. I liked your couch in front of the window. Will show your reports to Tony, when he's not busy blowing snow or shoveling.Have fun and be careful!!Love, Andy