Monday, February 19, 2007

Lazy Weekend

I spent the weekend lounging around enjoying the fact that I didn't have anything to do. On Saturday I took a walk into town, went to the farmers market and took a stroll along the Thames. The farmer's market was not what I was expecting. Only 1 stall had vegetables the rest were all prepared foods, cheeses, pies, desserts and meat. It was quite nice.

Sunday I wandered down to the home improvement store. It was much more than a Home Depot or Lowes. There was a linens section, electronics, small kitchen appliances, storage and of course all the home improvement stuff. I'm looking forward to checking out the garden department and getting some plants and flowers around my house.

I also made a little discovery on Saturday while I was cleaning the house. I just realized that my couch is actually a sofa bed. That makes my decision to get rid of the bed in the upstairs bedroom a little easier. I'm also going to invest in an aero bed in case the sofa bed isn't that comfortable. But then again if the bed isn't comfortable guests won't want to stay that long :) My first guest arrives on Saturday morning. Maybe if she's lucky my stuff will have arrived and we can spend the weekend unpacking.


Amy said...

she most certainly will not!

mom said...

Somehow I thought that your guest would have something to say about unpacking. But if you are really really nice to her I bet she will help.

Melissa said...

How rude is amy! she has a free place to stay and wont help you unpack so you can feed her. :)

I have a camera i am watiching firemens trucks and my couch love myra


Amy said...

Don't you ever get on gtalk anymore? sheesh!