Thursday, February 22, 2007

One Month Down

I realized today when I got home from the airport that I have officially been here for 1 month. Time has sure gone quickly. Being so busy will do that to you. The tour seemed more hectic this week than last and I didn't get a chance to get on-line which explains the absence of my postings this week.

I have decided I really like southern Europe. All the stops this week included wine and beer with lunch. Luckily I presented in the morning. I also received a bottle of wine when I checked in to my room in Madrid. I stashed that in my suitcase and it is now the lone bottle on my wine rack (at least until Saturday).

On Tuesday night we went to a tapas bar in Madrid and had some amazing food. I also learned that paella is a dish that is only eaten at lunch. If you see people having it for dinner they are most likely tourists. I had a little free time yesterday afternoon before we left so I got to wander around the city a little, it's definitely a place I want to go back to and spend some more time.

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mom said...

I hope you ate your paella for lunch You would not want anyuone to think that you are not a native.