Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Munchen (Munich)

I arrived in Munich yesterday for the start of the road show tour. The majority of the day was spent reviewing the presentations and preparing for the upcoming sessions. The fun began in the evening. We went into town for dinner with a co-worker via the autobahn. I think at one point I checked the speedometer and we were going almost 200km/hour!
My presentation wasn't until the afternoon so I spent the morning walking around the city center with a co-worker. The picture on the left is from the new city hall building. Walking through the marketplace I found it surprising that there were 4 or 5 butcher shops in a row. The sausages all looked very good howeverI have no place to cook sausages in my hotel room. Maybe tomorrow for lunch I'll find a good brat.
On my excursion into the city we popped into a church. Turns out it was a catholic church that Pope Benedict was cardinal-priest from 1977-1982.

In talking with different people over the last two days I was slightly confused as to the differences between Bavaria and Germany and how they wre related. I was given Bavarian beer and ate at a German restaurant. When I asked a colleague what the differences were he replied "What's the difference between Texas and the United States?" Turns out Bavaria is a free state of Germany.


Morgan said...

It is good to see that I am not the only one that cannot tell my right from my left...you mean your other "right".

That equates to about 125 miles/hour. COOL.

mom said...

200 KM that is fast. Oh and thanks for the social studies lesson. I hit the link and it goes to an encyclopedia.

Amy said...

Munchen was my favorite city I visited. I saw the glockenspiel, and the city hall, if I recall, was a huge glassed building with a center stone structure. THe center was the only thing that survived WWII.

Expat said...

OK I corrected the text and it now refers to the photo on the left and not on ther right