Friday, November 7, 2008

A Word of Advice

Doing home remodels is never an easy thing, try adding to that living in another country while the remodel is occurring and things get even more complicated. When my tenants moved out over the summer I decided it would be a good time to remodel the bathroom in my house as it was sorely in need of a makeover since I moved in. I spent a couple of days of my vacation this summer running around meeting with contractors and trying to get everything decided in 2 days.

Once all the decisions were made now came all the paperwork, I was emailed 50 or so pages of drawings and plans that I needed to sign and/or initial and then email back. So far so good. The next hurdle was the signing of the permit. It took the designer and contractor about a week to determine that this was a document that was a carbon copy and needed to be signed in person. My dear sweet sister drove to the store to sign the permit only to find that it wasn't filled out. I don't know about you but I would never sign a blank document. I think the contractor has since brought her a new version to sign and hopefully work will begin next week. I was originally hoping everything would be completed by Thanksgiving now it looks like it will be closer to Christmas. I hope all the delays will be worth it when it is completed.

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