Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just made it!

Trying to post every day presents a lot of challenges.  One encountered today is travelling to a hotel that doesn't offer internet service.  To resolve this issue, today's post has been outsourced.  

Other things that present challenges is trying to complete home renovations from abroad.  Now normally in the course of these things you should expect to have some previously unforeseen obstacles come up.   This picture is an example of such unforeseen obstacles.  

This is a picture of termite damage that was discovered after the bathtub and walls were removed.  Hopefully, the work will be finished before Christmas.  


Expat said...

Thanks outsourcers come cheap these days - oh wait I haven't gotten the bill yet.

Anonymous said...

Is it termite or carpenter ants? Are the little critters all dead now? Was your outsource in Boston? Anyway - at least they have started the work.