Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beggars Can't be Choosers

I got the details this morning on my flight home for Christmas and it's not pretty and yes I know I shouldn't complain as the entire flight is only costing me $239 the rest is paid by work. There are lots of direct flights from London to Boston but since I am doing a multi-city trip I'm stuck making connections (either that or I pay for it which I would rather not do). Only Star Alliance carriers serve all the cities I am flying to/from Boston, Vancouver and London so this means I have the following itinerary:

25 December depart London 12 pm arrive Toronto 3 pm. Spend 3 hours at the Toronto airport before a 6 pm flight to Boston arriving at 7:35. It appears that coach was sold out so I'm in first class for this short flight - if coach is sold out why can't it be on the long haul flight not the short one.

I am then in town until 6 January when I head to Whistler. I will do my best to see everybody while I'm stateside.

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Anonymous said...

Now I just have to decide if I will be in Boston for the 25th and bring you home or if I will bring you back to Boston. Guess I will check with A and see when she is coming home. Decisions...Decisions. Love Mom