Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quality Versus Quantity

This blogging every day is certainly a challenge. I find that even though I am managing a post a day the quality of the posts may be suffering a bit. It's relatively easy to post something every day even if it is only a sentence or two but is it more important to post frequently with more interesting and thought provoking content or to write every day.

What makes this challenge even harder is that I also maintain a blog for work. I try to post there on work days only so between the two blogs I've written 27 posts this month. To make matters just a little more interesting my schedule is about to get hectic. I was telling a coworker this week that I am out of the office until the second week of December between customer meetings and holiday at the end of the month, it's about to get crazy. Maybe to offload some of this blogging I'll have my guests write some posts when they're here next week. It may just be the first time a 4 year old blogs.


Amy said...

You can't quit now, you're more than halfway there! I'm sure it is a challenge, but I think it's interesting to read about the stuff that's more mundane in your life in addition to the more novel experiences.

Marci said...

You're doing it - keep it up! I found you on the Facebook NaBloPoMo page, and figured I would stop by and cheer you on. Good luck, and have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to read a blog written by a four year old visitor. As for your blogs - you are almost done with a month of blogging.