Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sporting Events

I went to my first live sporting event with my father today. We went to the Fulham VS Portsmouth football game (that's soccer for you silly Americans). The stadium has capacity for about 25K people. It wasn't a sellout but it was fairly full.

There is an entire section designated strictly to the away team. Warning signs posted throughout the stadium that visitors caught in the home stadium seating would be removed from the stadium. Oddly enough they were more vocal than the home team was . Maybe the fact that they were winning for 87 minutes of the game had something to do with their vocal level.

Within a few minutes of the start of the game Portsmouth scored a goal. The goalie looked like he expected the goal to miss by a mile or at least be called back as a result of a foul. Neither of those occurred and the score was 1-0 for the majority of the game.

The game started promptly at 3 pm. No national anthem, no coin toss, no delays. It was great. The stands fill in about 5 minutes prior to the game start time as most fans are socializing outside the stands drinking as no alcoholic beverages or smoking is allowed within the stands. A few minutes prior to halftime the stands start emptying as the fans are going for a drink or a smoke. Right before the second half starts everybody is back in their seats.

My next sporting event may likely be the Boston Celtics game in October. The NBA is doing a European tour and the Celtics are playing the Minnesota Timberwolves at the beginning of October.

And now for the first posting by a guest blogger: " I am here, having fun and enjoying myself." Maybe the next guest will have something more exciting to say :)

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mom said...

What was the final score? Hope the guest blogger has more to say while he is visiting you.