Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mothering Sunday

Overall this was a busy weekend for people in the UK. Friday was "Red Nose Day" a fund raiser for Comic Relief. Saturday was St Patrick's Day and the final of the 6 nations tournament, and then today was Mothering Sunday. It's been interesting to see the commercials and gifts for Mum's and Nanna's. After doing a little research on wikipedia I found out that different countries celebrate Mother's Day on different days of the year. Father's Day however is celebrated on the same day in the UK as in the US.


Mom said...

We say 'Happy Mother's Day" What phrase do the English use? I did not know blogs could be so educational. have a nice day. Love MOM

Melissa said...

So does that mean Moms who have a sister/daughter in the UK get TWO gifts... One for the Uk mums and one for the Mother's day in the US??? :)