Sunday, April 8, 2007


Last week was a busy week while I was trying to get things finished beofre going on Vacation. The UK has a 4 day weekend with Easter so I figured I would take advantage of the time and jet on down to the Virgin Islands. 2 Taxis, 2 planes, a boat and 18 hours and I arrived on St John - actually the trip wasn't all that bad. The worst part was the waiting on Tortola for the ferry it was an hour late. It's horrible standing on the docks being able to see your final destination but having to stand around and wait.

I'm here for the week and then back to London for 2 days before I take off for South Africa. I'll be spending 10 days training partners and visiting customers with a visit to a game reserve for safaris over the weekend. I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about while I'm there.


mom said...

Have a good vacation and especially a wonderful time in Africa.

Amy said...

Sheesh don't you ever work? I wish I had your job, having to go on safari and all. Seriously have a good time.