Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Tonight there was a full lunar eclipse. Those of us lucky enough to live in Europe and the Middle East were able to witness this event. The last lunar eclipse I saw was the night the Red Sox won the World Series.

I ran out to snap a few pictures. I'm not quite sure where my tripod is at the moment so I had to create a makeshift system with a cardboard box and a brick wall. It wasn't perfect but it had to do. To further complicate matters the battery on my camera was dying so I was trying to work quicker than usual. Those are all of the excuses I have for why the moon appears 3 times in the photo - or maybe I meant to do that.


mom said...

i like the picture, but of course I always liked all the pictures you took.

Amy said...

Actually I kind of like the repeating moon. That should be its title.