Friday, March 16, 2007

French Follies

Last night I had a chuckle at a Paris restaurant over one of the translations on the menu. As an appetizer the menu listed old ham, didn't sound very appetising to me. I think aged ham would have been a better description. There are some words or phrases that shouldn't be translated literally.

Today started off as a normal enough day, my alarm clock went off I got out of bed and that's where things got interesting. I had to iron my shirt as it was wrinkled from being in my suitcase for a couple of days. When I plugged in the iron it blew a fuse in my hotel room. I didn't feel like calling down to the front desk so I put on the wrinkled shirt and headed down for breakfast.

I saw a basket of hard boiled eggs at the buffet and grabbed one. When I sat down and cracked the egg open it wasn't hard boiled after all but raw. When I went back to the buffet to get something else to eat I realized that further down the buffet was a basket for you to boil your own egg. I hadn't seen it earlier as there were other items between the basket of eggs and the boiler. I'm not sure I would have realized I had to cook the egg even if it was right next to the basket of eggs.

The flight back from Paris was a little delayed as the flight attendants had to keep coming through the aisle and counting the passengers. An announcement was then made confirming that the flight was going to London and if any passengers were on the wrong plane to please ring the attendant button. When nobody rang the button we were then informed that we all had to take out our boarding pass and they were coming through to confirm that everybody should be going to London Luton airport. While the boarding passes were being checked we were told that there were more passengers on the plane than there should be. When that check confirmed that everybody was destined for London they came through a second time to make sure it was the correct flight number. That check again confirmed that everybody was supposed to be on that flight. A final pass was made through the cabin to count the passengers after which time an announcement was made that there was an administrative error and we could now take off. A 20 minute delay all for the fact the cabin crew was given the wrong count of passengers.

Number of Flights YTD: 23


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patty's Day Dawn! Not sure if it's a big deal thoughout the UK or just Ireland. Hey, can you find out what the phrase "right off" means? I'm reading this book based in London and they keep using it and I have no idea what it means! Glad to hear all is well and stay away from the old ham.


Mom said...

Old ham, raw eggs, and a flight delay - and it was not even the Ides of March. Happy St. Patrick's day. Love Mom

Amy said...

Raw eggs, tasty! You could have made a protein smoothie, then it would have looked like you meant to do that.