Friday, March 30, 2007

Only in Holland

No, I'm not talking about the coffee shops. While on another visit to Holland the following caught my attention.

Ads for a romantic candlelight dinner cruise of the red light district. Don't worry if you don't have somebody to go on the cruise with you can pick up a date in the red light district (they didn't advertise that on the poster but one can only imagine).

Smoking rooms in office buildings. Every floor in the office building I was in had a small glass enclosed cubicle where you could smoke. I guess it saves the effort of having to walk outside for a smoke break.

One set of stop lights for cars, one for pedestrians and one for bikes.

Signs telling you where you're not. Periodically while driving there would be a sign with a city name on it with a big red slash through it. I wish I could have taken a picture of this but I was riding in a car with others and they would have thought me strange if I asked them to stop so I could take a picture of a street sign. I can only guess that these signs meant that you were leaving the city.

A man walking a truck down the street. OK he was actually just washing the streets but it looked like a truck on a leash.

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mom said...

Cute picture and cute comment. It brought a smile to my face.