Friday, March 23, 2007

In the News

A couple of articles in the news today may make it easier for me to travel between the UK and US. An "open skies" policy that just got approved will increase the number of flights between the US and Europe. More flights will be allowed to fly into Heathrow in additional to the 4 airlines that it is limited to currently. Additional airlines will be able to fly from the UK to the US potentially lowering the cost of fares between the two countries. The agreement does seem to favour the US slightly in the fact that US carriers can continue on a journey to another country after landing in Europe whereas European carriers cannot continue their journeys. Virgin Airlines may be the only carrier that benefits as they recently got approved to fly in the US as Virgin America.

In takeover news ABN Amro has received a buyout offer from Barclay's bank. Some believe that this may propel Bank of America to make an offer for Barclay's. Banking with a firm with branches in both the UK and US may make eliminate some of the charges incurred when travelling between countries. Of course I may just being a bit optimistic.

( My apologies for not including links to the relevant news stories however the last 2 times I tried posting the links I received error messages and my postings got erased).

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mom said...

It is interesting that you say that you get error messages because everytime there is a link I am able to click it and see the website. Anyway have a nice day. Love Mom