Saturday, November 28, 2015

ABCs of Adoption: Y is for Yes

This is a word that I seem to use very infrequently.  I wish I could use it more often but that is just not possible.   There are days when it seems like the only word I say is no.  

  • No, you can't wear shorts out, it is 40 degrees outside. 
  • No, you can't put a hat on the dog. 
  • No, you can't watch TV all day. 
  • No, the doctor did not tell you I should let you use the tablet more often. 
  • No, you can't drive the car.  
  • No, you can't play with fire.   
  • No, you can't have a sister or brother.
  • No, a sugar glider would not make a good pet.
  • No, you can't build a robot to do your chores for you.  
We don't want to be the parents that always say yes but boy it sure seems like sometimes we never do.  I'm sure some of the requests come from testing limits and boundaries, while others are due to him just being a 7 year old boy.  

I read an article recently from a mom about what would happen if you spent the day saying yes to whatever your child asked and the thought of this filled me with dread.  The idea of a "yes-day" while in concept makes sense, wouldn't work for us.   Junior needs predictability and structure, we are also constantly having to remind him that he is not in charge, giving him a day where anything goes would not end well.   Junior can't wait until he is a grown up and he can do whatever he wants and doesn't have to listen to anybody - good luck kid.   As time goes on, maybe we can give him a yes day but for now  we will stick with the choruses of nos.  

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