Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A few more random tidbits from the trip to Hong Kong and China.
  • Some of the restaurants in HK had 2 sets of chopsticks at each place setting. One is for serving the other is for eating.
  • I noticed in the elevator at the Ritz there was no 4th or 13th floor. I knew that 13 is "unlucky" for westerners and I figured the same applied to the #4 in the east. Sure enough when I asked somebody I was told that the #4 equates to death. People don't even like to have the number 4 in their license plates. Of course the Hilton wasn't superstitious both a 4th and a 13th floor.

In all my travels I really thought that I had seen everything at an airport but I was surprised twice. At security at Hong Kong I was provided with a bin to put my bag and belongings in. There was a number on the bottom of the bin and a laminated piece of paper with the same number. I had to carry the number through security with me and present it to pick up my bags after they were screened. The next surprise was in Shanghai, after I collected by luggage I started to walk out but quickly realized that the staff was examining all luggage tags to make sure everybody had the correct suitcase. Luckily I knew where my baggage claim tag was so I was able to safely leave with my luggage.

And that's all you need to know about my latest adventure.

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