Thursday, April 10, 2008

Musical Interlude

It's funny how urban legends, myths, rumors, stories whatever you want to call them get started. Last weekend I was down in Devon for a wedding, stayed at a lovely little B&B by the river. In the taxi back to the train station the driver decided to impart a little bit of local "history" on me. He went on to say that the bridge and the river at the Inn were the inspiration for Simon & Garfunkle's song Bridge Over Troubled Water. Unfortunately this isn't the case, as the news article from 5 years ago says, funny how the locals all still are keeping the legend alive. He also said that some of the photos for the album covers and jackets were shot up the road, who know if that is the case or not.

British Music
While on my recent vacation to Florida my sister and I got to discussing music and what was on the radio in London. It has become apparent to me as I read news stories and listen to the radio that British music is very different than US music. It seems much easier for a US singer/band to break into the international music scene than a British performer to break into the US scene. There has been a lot of press lately about Leona Lewis having a hit in the US. For those of you that aren't up on who she is, she won X Factor recently (that's the British version of American Idol complete with Simon Cowell).

Looking for a taste of some British music check out some of these songs and artists:
Scouting for Girls
Scissor Sisters
Amy MacDonald
Kaiser Chiefs
The Feeling

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Anonymous said...

i like Mr Rock and roll by Amy Macdonald and the Feeling.