Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a Week

Craziness ensued this week as I attempted to get a visa for a last minute trip to China. Given the upcoming Olympics and all the protests surrounding Tibet the Chinese embassy has added more items to what is required for a visa. After running around trying to get everything together the visa was finally approved on Thursday and I'm off tonight for a week.

The one humorous thing that happened during this whole process was on Monday I put all the paperwork together and handed it off to the office admin to arrange for a courier to take it off. At lunch all of a sudden I started wondering whether or not I had signed everything, kind of like thinking you left the iron on when you leave the house. I was sure that I was just being paranoid but to put myself at ease I went downstairs and opened the envelope. Sure enough I hadn't signed the visa application!

Not sure whether or not I'll be able to access Blogger during this trip, but will try. If not will post all when I return to London.

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