Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Royal Treatment

What a treat, in Beijing I am staying at the Ritz Carlton. They arranged for my transportation from the airport to the hotel, I was expecting to look for a sign greeting me after I cleared customs, instead a greeter was right at the gate. I did however have to convince them that I was who they were looking for as the reservation was for a Mr Parzych. It didn't take too much to convince them and they were very apologetic for getting it wrong. I was escorted through the airport to the baggage carousel where my bag was taken from me and carried to the car. Once we got outside they apologized that the car was not there and I had to wait 2 minutes for it to pull up (this is nothing compared to waiting 30-45 minutes for a taxi at some airports).

A bottle of water was sitting in the car for me and I whisked off to the Ritz. Upon arrival my bag was again taken from me and I was greeted at the front desk. Check-in however did not occur at the front desk, I was personally escorted to my room and checked in privately. I should travel like this more often.

This morning as I was getting ready I noticed a couple of other amenities in the bathroom. A small television above the bathtub so you can have a soak, relax and watch TV. The outlet in the bathroom has the ability to take plugs from the US, UK, and China. This is a place that seems to cater to every need.

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Anonymous said...

You always said you were a princess or was it queen. Have a nice time. Love MOm