Thursday, May 1, 2008

Election Day

With all the suspense over the Democratic primaries in the US you may have overlooked the fact that today is election day in the City of London. Elections for Mayor and some London assembly positions will be decided today. The incumbent mayor Ken Livingstone looks to have an uphill battle against Boris Johnson. Not being eligible to vote I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to the process here but I have found out that voters can vote for 2 candidates - their first choice and second choice. I should say there are 10 candidates running for mayor so lots of choices. As a result of naming a first and second choice candidate the results aren't expected to be announced until Friday evening.

As with elections in the US this election before it's even the end of the day is shrouded in controversy. The news at lunch reported of voting irregularities in a borough. Any marks on the ballot other than the selection of candidate make it invalid, however station staff were writing on ballots as they were handed to voters - thereby making those votes invalid. It's nice to see it isn't only the elections in the US that are rife with controversy and impropriety.

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