Sunday, November 2, 2014

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month.   During the month I will try and post more often about our lives as future adoptive parents as well as general information about adoption.

To kick it off I will share some of the milestones we have experienced over the past month.  When we told people that we were looking to adopt an older child a few responded that we would miss out on so many milestones.  Yes we won't see his first steps or hear his first words but there are plenty of other milestones we are celebrating and experiencing.

  • The first Halloween as a family
  • The first time he called me Momma - it still doesn't happen a lot but it happens once in a while. 
  • His first fever
  • Sleepless nights - yes we have had many of these so those that thought we were missing out you can rest assured that we have been exhausted this last month
  • First temper tantrum 
  • Getting hit in the face by a football
  • First movie seen as a family - Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good Very Bad Day
  • First family vacation to Estes Park
There will be many more milestones in the coming months - some positive, some negative, but they are still milestones that we will remember.   Coming up this month will be my first business trip, first house guest, first hockey game and our first Thanksgiving.  

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Christine Shaaban said...

To a Happy November with many more great firsts and lots to be thankful for.