Friday, October 24, 2014

Welcome to Parenthood

I am starting to feel like less of an imposter when it comes to being a mom.  It has been hard that junior has been off school, Dave has been on FMLA and I have been at work.  Trying to leave by  4 so I can get home and spend some time with junior and give Dave a much needed break.  

Yesterday was his first full day of school, he should have started on Monday but the school had questions and we had to have an interim/emergency IEP meeting.   Meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday we had a plan that everybody was happy with and we re-convene in 60 days after they have a chance to observe.   The teacher reported when I picked junior up that the day was perfect - which was great to hear.

We were looking forward to today but instead we are home sick.  I was woken up at 3 am because junior had a nightmare, he then started complaining that his head hurt and I realized he was burning up.   Temperature over 100, it has since dropped but not back to normal so rest and relaxation it is.

I guess this is part of parenthood.   Other welcome to parenthood moments of the past few weeks:

  • Temper tantrum when trying to get up and out the door. 
  • Being accidentally elbowed in the face when trying to put him down to bed.
  • Pee, poop and vomit in the bathtub.  

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Laura said...

It sounds like transitioning to a new family has been fairly smooth with some normal "adjustment" behaviours. My 4.5 year old does plenty of the stuff you are seeing so know (if you don't already) that it is normal. Let me know if you need to compare notes.