Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lessons Learned

I have been a mom for 9 days and have learned quite a bit in that time.  Here is just a sampling:

  • Bathtime is hard.  Baths are generally too short, I use the wrong shampoo, or sometimes even the wrong tub.   
  • Bedtime is harder.    Every night he wants to sleep in our bed.  This is not an option. 
  • Paddy is finally learning to play fetch by watching us play football in the back yard.   
  • It is hard playing football with my son and fetch with Paddy at the same time. 
  • Band aids make everything better. 
  • Junior is super smart.  He quickly learned that we write down things we need to buy at the store on a chalk board.  He has written down a Lego batmobile and washcloths as apparently we do not have enough of these.  
  • I need to figure out more creative ways to say no. 
  • It is very difficult to hear some of the things he has to say.   I imagine this is only going to get harder as he learns to trust us more and shares more.
  • I'm a little jealous that he seems to be calling Dave "dad" periodically but I'm still not mom.   
  • Spontaneous hugs are awesome.  We don't get them frequently but when we do they rock.  
  • He takes after me in that he loves photography. Here is a photo he took on our first family vacation.  

1 comment:

Christine Shaaban said...

You seem to have quite an artist there.
I wouldn't be too concerned about coming up with better ways of saying 'no'. they never listen to any reasons anyway. ;)

Love reading about all the new experiences you are making. Very happy for you.