Thursday, October 9, 2014

4 days In

We have had a small child living in the house with us since Monday evening.  The move-in went very smoothly.  Three cars and we had bunk beds, a dresser and all of juniors belongings.  If we didn't buy the bed from the previous family we likely could have managed in 1 car but the bedroom set is great.  

Day one the top bunk was requested but since then he has used the bottom bunk.  Mostly because when he is on the bottom bunk I can get into bed with him and cuddle as he goes to sleep.   Some of the most touching conversations have occurred as he falls asleep.  He shares his fears and hopes with me.   This little boy definitely has my heart.  

Tuesday was junior's 6th birthday, I took the day off and we spent the day together as a family.  A visit to Build-A-Bear resulted in a Batman bear that now lives with us.   We had pizza twice and the day ended with a vanilla and strawberry cake.  

We have all been adjusting to life as a family.  There is lots of learning to do and we are setting up routines.   We are learning what he likes and what he doesn't.   He is learning to trust us and feel safe. We are trying to explain the difference between needs and wants.  Junior needs fall and winter clothes, he says he needs a lego batmobile.   We feel that is more of want - but we have ordered it anyways.   This kid loves legos and we thought he had a bunch but he doesn't.   He does have a lot of remote control cars but those only entertain him for so long.  

Dave & I have been touched by the numerous messages and gifts from friends and family near and far; old and new. This has been such an emotional time and getting the words of encouragement, texts, phone calls, well wishes, etc are simply amazing.  We have definitely felt the love from all of you and words really can't express how thankful and appreciative we are.

Junior wants me to say:  "Batman teddy bear I love you."   jufdhtrtefrtrerter\bfbvvgvcffftfgfgfdtdrdfdes

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